Dust-Off is a patented proprietary formula of Magnesium Chloride specially developed by Cargill Salt to combat fugitive dust while providing soil stabilization.

With laboratory controlled quality, this specifically concentrated hygroscopic product with its anti-corrosive additive ensures that moisture is effectively absorbed from the atmosphere… causing road surfaces to remain moist and stabilized… virtually eliminating dust and the need for frequent watering.

Dust-Off can be accurately applied to provide a predictable use/life in the field based upon your specific needs and/or budget.

Dust-Off has been approved and used successfully on projects for the County and State Highway Departments, the U.S. Forest Service, the California Department of Fish and Game… and by many Mining, Farming, and Forest Product Companies.

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About Us

Southern California based South Western Sealcoating Inc. has been in the forefront of controlling fugitive dust for over 25 years. We are one of the largest providers of dust control services and dust control preventative maintenance programs using the latest technology and proven practices that ensure the highest level of product performance and customer satisfaction.

South Western Sealcoating Inc. has your dust control solutions for:

  • Military Access/Convoy Roads
  • Mines/Mining Roads
  • Mine Tailings Dams
  • Farming Roads
  • Logging Roads
  • Forestry Roads

South Western Sealcoating Inc. helping our customers for over 25 years to:

  • Meet EPA Particulate Matter requirements.
  • Reduce cost of road maintenance by up to 60%.
  • Be a good steward to neighboring communities.
  • Creating safe and healthy work environments.
  • Improving customer productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce water consumption.